Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Flowers

Megan and I are back from Maine. We had a great thanksgiving and Maine is always a fantastic place to spend it. Look for images of Little Pond in the upcoming days. This week over at my photography blog, I'm participating in the Today's Flower's Meme. Here is my contribution.

I took this shot on September 16 in our backyard here in Worthington, Ohio. We have a small clone of Canada goldenrod along our wooden fence, and for two weeks in September, it was heaven to bees. I am excited to slowly add native plants to the back yard that will hopefully attract insects throughout the growing season. Even though the back yard is fairly devoid of anything except grass and a giant oak tree, there still are thousands of interesting photographic opportunities to be had, and I look forward to discovering everything in our back yard in the years to come.



  1. That's interesting about the goldenrod being a myth. I guess it's the ragweed around the goldenrod that we see. We have it growing wild everywhere in our town. Thanks for the info, I'll check into it more.

  2. This is lovely and I know you will enjoy adding to your backyard in the coming years.

  3. Looking forward to the impending pond photos.
    Love this one! Being allergic, I never get THAT close to any insects, particularly of the bee/wasp/hornet variety.
    Glad you had a good time in Maine. :)

  4. Hi Tom...Just popped in on your photography blog. Your Bailey Island capture is just fantastic! Great photography all the way around.

  5. Tom: I always like to see the bees working the Goldenrod.

  6. This is beautiful, Tom. For the first time ever, I added a goldenrod to the garden. I don't really know which one it is, because it's a passalong plant and my mom didn't know either. But when the bees were after it this summer...WOW!