Sunday, November 16, 2008


Megan guessed correctly, although she definitely had an insider's advantage. The mystery image is the fringe from a Bur Oak Acorn. Here you can see the full image of the acorn, and the acorn in in relation to the leaves of the bur oak. What is most fascinating about Bur Oaks is that the cap of the acorn almost completely covers the seed. The fringe is quite fascinating, isn't it? Thanks to Nina for reminding me about the fringe- I had taken these pictures this summer to share, but her comment on my sunset picture of the bur oak sparked my memory. This past winter I wrote a two part series on the Oak Trees of Ohio for the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves' "Natural Ohio" newsletter. For more information about bur oak, check out my article on Ohio's White Oaks in the fall 2007 issue.
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  1. I should have known! I knew it looked familiar, but couldn't quite place it.

  2. It is a fascinating picture and one most of us know so little about.

  3. Tom: What a neat close-up and I would have never gotten it.

  4. Mom- Yep, you've definitely seen a Bur Oak acorn before.

    Thanks Abe- I'm sure you could find a bur oak around your area. Any remnant flat, swamp woods would be a good place to look for them. Maybe you already have!

    Tom- Thanks. Have you ever seen the Signal Tree in Akron's Cascade Valley Park? It is a Bur Oak.

  5. Oh-h..y-e-a-h...that was my second guess!! Seriously, I had no idea, but now I know, very interesting post, as usual, Tom.

  6. Beautiful photos. I have bur oaks on my property. i live in the Oak Openings Region in NW Ohio. It's a beautiful place.

  7. Hi Joyce- I visit the Oak Openings often for my job as an ecologist. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note!