Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sky Watch Friday- A Fleeting Sunrise

Minutes can often make the difference between a visually interesting and a lifeless, dull image.

Shooting Date/Time 11/19/2008 7:17:43 AM

Shooting Date/Time 11/19/2008 7:25:27 AM
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  1. So glad you saw the one 8 minutes before the other. I can't believe how devoid of color the second photo is.

  2. It's all about the now. Great capture.

  3. Fleeting, but so very beautiful while it was there.

  4. I so love the colors of your sky. Pretty, pretty!

    My SWF photos are posted here and here. Please drop by if you have time. Thanks!

  5. The grey skies remind me of Ohio where I was born. It always seems overcast and grey in Ohio. But I sure do love that sunset photo.

  6. Yes, its all about timing!

  7. Great shots, I really enjoyed Ohio last time I was there. I added your blog to my followers list so I can remember to return often to see your work. Well done

    Regina In Pictures

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! The first one is my favorite :)

  9. Wow...what a difference! I love the pink early sky :-)

  10. I love when the pinks shade the sky, that's a beautiful capture! You should check out the haunting sky I captured on my post titled...MAGIC TO ???. It confirms your statement, for sure!

  11. what a difference! beautiful morning sky.

  12. Nice capture Tom, it didn't take long for the beauty to go away to winter skies.

  13. The sky can change so quickly aye? Fortunately you had your camera there to capture the beautiful first shot

  14. What a difference a few minutes can make! Beautiful photo.

    (I'm a fellow Buckeye, but haven't seen a sunrise or sunset like this for days. I'm missing the beautiful colors.)

  15. Tom: I went through the same thing this week with mine. The pink lined clouds are neat.

  16. Louise- Yes, it really was so gray. To be honest, I was quite dissapointed when I came out earlier to see such a gray sky.

    THanks Gaelyn. Well said.

    Bobbie- It was spectacular.

    Thanks Jenn-

    Jack- Yes, Ohio can be gray. Here in Columbus it isn't as gray as NE Ohio where I was born.

    Marley- Thank you.

    Thanks Babooshka.

    Guy- For a second I thought your blog was about your wife! Then I realized live you live in a town called Regina.

    Thanks Allison.

    Mary, thank you.

    Spooky- Yes, I'll try to make it and check out your post. Thank you.

    Gina- Thank you.

    Bradley- Thanks, yes, you hit the nail on the head. A fleeting moment of beauty then back to gray.

    Baruch- Fortunately I took this picture from my front porch so I didn't have far to go to get a great image.

    Arthur Clan- This was Wednesday morning. We've been having some great sunsets recently! My commute home is west at the time is setting here in Columbus. I wish I could take shots from my car!

    Thanks Tom.

    Kathleen- THank you!

    Happy Sky Watch

  17. Yes, what a difference!
    I often leap up to catch a picture, only to find it has suddenly gone.

  18. Quite a change. I wonder how much we miss by just a few seconds?

  19. So true! The color is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. Have a great weekend.

  20. We can't save this colours for a long time. Take the chance and shot a document.
    Thank yuo for this beautiful morning.

  21. they are beautiful, specially the first one, thanks for sharing.
    Happy Skywatch!

  22. I find it funny that people don't take 15 minutes (TOPS) out of their busy lives to enjoy a sunrise or sunset every day. I can't imagine just letting them all go by...

  23. Beautiful colors. Go Buckeyes!