Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm 27

I turned 27 since the last post. Kinda crazy? Hmmm.....Well Anyways, that actually sounds pretty old, doesn't it?

The race for Ohio's governor is heating up. It definitely looks like there will be a hard fought battle between two very conservatives, Jim Petro and Ken Blackwell. If Blackwell recieves the republican nod in the primary, look for it to be a very tough battle against democrat Ted Strickland.

Also, mall heiress Capri Cafaro is running again for Sherrod Brown's vacated and convoluted seat in Northeast Ohio. I'm not sure that Brown can beat DeWine, but he would be a good man for the job. Both Mike DeWine and George Voinovich have been relatively independent thinkers in Washington and have refused to jump on board with the mindless conservatism that currently plagues both houses of congress. DeWine's support has weakened because he has been moderate on some issues. Some have interpreted that his seat is vulnerable. However, is this the case against a moderate democrat in Sherrod Brown? I doubt it. I Predict DeWine wins by 5%, Stickland wins by 3% against Jim Petro, and the N.E. Ohio seat is vacated by democrats, since Capri Cafaro is simply looking for someplace to spend her money, and doesn't seem like a realistic candidate.

My Thoughts,


Sunday, February 05, 2006


I can see why Terro Pluto is good at his job. He loves to write. Period. There is no doubt about this....he has said it many times in his column. Which brings me to this blog. Do I love to write? Well, I like the process, but I'm not totally sure that I love it. Who knows.

What happened this weekend? Not much. I figured out that I am trying to do a few too many things again. I need to start focusing on the one thing that is completely the most important part of my life now. (I'm sure that you can guess who that is!)

So, anyways..........back to the title of this blog. I hope I can come up with unique observations about the world. And I will.......they just might not come as fast as furious as they had been...I don't love writing as much as Terry Pluto does. There is something else out there that I need to concentrate on!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy February

I can't relieve believe that it is February already. I know, this is an extremely lame post. What did you all think of the President's speech last night? I simply didn't catch it.

Any thoughts?