Sunday, February 05, 2006


I can see why Terro Pluto is good at his job. He loves to write. Period. There is no doubt about this....he has said it many times in his column. Which brings me to this blog. Do I love to write? Well, I like the process, but I'm not totally sure that I love it. Who knows.

What happened this weekend? Not much. I figured out that I am trying to do a few too many things again. I need to start focusing on the one thing that is completely the most important part of my life now. (I'm sure that you can guess who that is!)

So, anyways..........back to the title of this blog. I hope I can come up with unique observations about the world. And I will.......they just might not come as fast as furious as they had been...I don't love writing as much as Terry Pluto does. There is something else out there that I need to concentrate on!


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  1. I really think it is fun to read the creative writing of those who don't usually get time to do so... As we advance more in academics and have less time to just "write" to express what we feel, we lose the ability to write creatively- or at least I have. I remember being little and having a notebook where I would write about some dramatic story of love and love lost... Anyway... :-) It is important that we take time for what and who is important to us. Focusing on those important things will only enhance all parts of our lives.