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Friday, March 06, 2009

Finding Signs of Spring

Part of what makes blogging interesting is reading other blogs and looking to see what are people are finding. I try to come up with unique, interesting things that jump out or make you stop here for a second to view my images. There are a ton of good nature blogs out there, almost so many, it sometimes gets overwhelming.

So here is my attempt to catch your interest-my foray to my backyard this afternoon, routing through about 2 square feet of leaf litter, and discovering a bounty of life beneath the old bur oak.

In this next shot, I found two millepedes in a tight clutch. I'm not quite sure what they are up to. I also noticed some other interesting things. Look closely at the photo, then check out the next two photos, which are tight crops of the image below.

There seemed to be plenty of these little creatures- very small, approximately 1 millimeter long.
The last creature of the afternoon, an ever so tiny, probably not more than 2mm long, leafhopper.

The soil is warming, these creatures are stirring, Spring, here we come.

This is my contribution to Misty Dawn's Camera Critters Meme.