Monday, June 27, 2016

Lightning Photography with the Vellow FreeWave Stryker

While the evening sun is blazing outside right now, last night at this time was a totally different story. A line of thunderstorms was moving across the state just as it was getting dark here in Columbus. Coincidentally, I had recently taken advantage of a daily deal for a new photo gizmo that I read about in Moose Peterson's BT Journal, the Vello Freewave Stryker.  This device, which plugs into a camera's remote release port, allows the triggering of the camera when it detects a bolt of light. While any light can trigger the camera, it's designed as an automatic shutter trigger for lightning photography.

My favorite result from my first lightning session with the Vellow FreeWave Stryker
I set it up last evening as the first wave of storms had passed over.  Here in the city, it's nearly impossible to photograph lightning before it arrives, as the rain out in front of the storm prevents that.  However, if one waits until after the storm passes, the rain stops, and usually we are treated to a wonderful display of lightning on the back side of the storm.  Last night I was fortunate to have a storm that produced a copious amount of lightning, but one that was mild enough to be outside standing on our front porch for the duration.

I'm quite pleased with the image I came away with.  While it looks like this bolt of lightning was headed straight for our neighbor's home across the street, I can assure you that it was several miles away.

Have you tried lightning photography?  I'd be curious to learn about your favorite techniques.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Backyard Arthropods

I still photograph nearly every day; the part I find myself not being able to do is write about those photographs.  That's life.  Weston is now 7; Brody is 5, and Megan and I are expecting another member of the family in mid-October.  The boys are excited about their new sister.  Yes!  That's correct- a girl Arbour.  My grandmother, 94 years old, had two sons.  Those two sons had five sons.  And those five sons to date have had three sons.  This is the first girl!

Here are a few of the backyard arthropods I photographed this evening.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Solstice Stunning Sunset

Those of us in Columbus were treated to a magnificent sunset last evening as a line of thunderstorms slid to our west, staying clear of the city.  The sun that filtered in behind this line just created one of the most sublime sunsets I have ever witnessed.  It was spectacular!

Happy Summer.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dragonfly Season is Here

Dragonfly season has arrived!  Before I had a digital SLR camera, way back in 2006, I took photos of a dragon on the Olentangy that I believed was a rapids clubtail.  These bugs fly in early June, and are easiest to find when the river is low.  Unfortunately, over the last decade or so, I've never encountered another one, that us until this afternoon.  I took several photographs that should be able to seal its identification.  What a beautiful dragon it is!


Sunday, June 05, 2016

COSI Gadgets Cafe

On a rainy Saturday we headed to COSI!  The boys just finished preschool and kindergarten and summer is off to a fast start.  COSI has many exhibits, and since we're members, we usually only visit one or two each time we visit.  Somehow we have completely missed the gadget area there, which turned out to be a hit.  At the gadget cafe, we even ordered a science experiment where we learned about saltwater.  Thanks COSI!