Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

What fabulous weather here in Ohio for voting? I couldn't believe how nice it was- I felt as if it were summer. "Indian" summer, is, I would suppose, what we are experiencing. Megan and I lined up at our polling place at 6:15 and were done voting by 7:10, just in time for both of us to get to work comfortably. My hat goes to the polling place volunteers. What a thankless job they have. Hearing complaints, vetting voters to make sure their address is correct (a process particularly annoying to me, after having voted without ever showing ID until 2006), managing hundreds of people, they definitely should be recognized. Today at our polling place, local High School students were even involved in the process.

I hope everything went smoothly for all voters everywhere.



  1. Voting did go really well this morning- I am glad at how quickly we got in and out of the polls. I was sad to not get my sticker- but impressed with how many of my colleagues reported voting for the first time ever!

  2. I voted early to "beat the rush" and waited a half hour. My son voted this afternoon in about 10 minutes....hmmmm.
    Got your comment on my blog....threading the needle is the easy part :-)

  3. I'm glad I didn't waste my time, since Louisiana went soundly & solidly McCain, after all. I'm relieved that enough of the rest of the country had the brains to do the right thing, though!

  4. Great weather in the Ozarks, too. I voted, even though my vote was a futile gesture here in Arkansas. With fewer that 100 votes cast in my precinct, I wonder if the poll workers can figure out that the two Obama votes were cast by the long-haired, bearded dude and his wife?

  5. Tom: It took me a half hour to vote at the high school. The preceint next to ours looked like a one and one half wait. they have been growing with a developement over the Cuyahoga River.