Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Fish From Our Aquarium

Any fish lovers out there? Quiz time. Which species are these?


  1. Pretty fishies! :-) How did you get them to stay so still? :-)

  2. I should know the 3rd one! I use to have 20-30 of them swimming around! I cleaned out the fish shore! They were so fun to watch swimming around the tank together! Sorry, fish I just don't know!

  3. Megan and I enjoy watching our fish swim, eat, and court each other. Out tank is in the living room, and I often sit on the exercise ball and peer into the water.

    In our tank, we have three Melanotaenia praecox, the dwarf neon rainbow fish, native to New Guinea. The males are brightly colored while the female has a more subtle iridescence. They hang out out in clusters in the top of the tank when scared, chase each other around, and gobble up brine shrimp faster than the other fish in the tank.

    The second fish is a male black phantom tetra, Megalamphodus megalopterus. This species is native to central South America.

    Lastly, we have a single neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi), which hails from north-central South America.


  4. I did not know you had an aquarium. Neon tetra is one of my favorites. Nice pics. Rick G

  5. Wonderful blog!
    The photo are fantastic!

    Good work!
    Greetings from Italy


  6. Fishies are peacefull to watch. Your's are beautiful. I however, happen to accidently kill fish and indoor plants...argggg.

  7. Rick,
    We have a small aquarium, not big, but it is a fun little hobby, especially during the winter when I can not botanize or naturalize as much outside as I would like.

    Franz, thank you for the kind words about my photos. Stop back any time!

    Chris- We have plants too...Megan has the green thumb in the family. I feed the fish and have been fairly lucky for the most part.