Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blendon Woods Metropark- A Bird Photo Essay

Whenever I need a quick bird photography fix, Megan and I head to Blendon Woods Metropark on the northeast side of Columbus. We drove there today and spent the last 45 minutes of the day's sunlight watching the birds, ducks and geese.


  1. Swamp thing-

    You have a great eye. Yep, it was banded. I've seen plenty of geese with collars on their necks, but not actual bands around their legs. I wonder what story this bird has to tell?


  2. I love your bird pics!
    I've tagged you with the 7 random fact game, only if you feel like it, if not no biggie.

  3. Tom you got some really nice bird shots. I love the one of the cardinal.

  4. Thanks Gale! I love your photo blog. I was in Yellowstone and Bozeman Montana this past July and it was fabulous. I'm pining for the mountains.

  5. Those birds look really great in that setting sunlight. Very nice.