Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Munroe Falls Sunset Watercolor

Munroe Falls Sunset, originally uploaded by Tom Arbour.

Thanks to Chris, the Chicago Nature Lady, for inspiring me to paint a little bit. She often displays her artwork on her blog. This painting was inspired by a photo that I took over Christmas vacation while Megan and I were visiting my parents. It was fun and relaxing to paint with watercolors again.



  1. Wonderful artworks and glad you shared it with us! Been many years since I have done any painting!

  2. I keep thinking I should break out some art supplies... But I have no training and don't really know how to start. Chris (Chicago Nature Lady) IS inspiring, isn't she? And this painting of yours is wonderful. I hope you keep it up! Would love to see more.

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Tom

    My last art class was in 8th grade! It is fun for me, you guys should try it. For me, it gives something interesting to work on while it is dark and I'm not naturalizing like I would be in the spring, summer, and fall. It is also a nice break from the computer screen.

    I check out a few books from the Columbus library on drawing and those have helped me get started.

  4. WOW, that's a great painting! It is so therapeutic to paint, and you're rewarded with not only feeling relaxed, but with a piece of art that you have translated your memories from!
    How neat!
    Keep up the great work, you are a wonderful artist it shows:)
    Thanks for your kind comments too!