Monday, January 07, 2008

Maine, Day #4

It is hard to believe that it was only one week ago that I took these pictures. Two feet of snow was on the ground in Maine. Today, Columbus hit a record high temperature for the day somewhere in the upper sixties!

Day four in Maine was another day of snow. A look out the window was gray, and all I could see was more snow coming down. Plenty of snow. Probably eight more inches over night. Another day to stay in and let it snow.

What to do on a day like this? Megan decided to brush her dog, Jazz.

Quite a nice looking golden if I do say so myself.

Jazz didn't like being brushed, but afterwards, everyone looked like they were quite happy.

It wasn't until the late afternoon that the snow let up, and the sun peeked through the clouds for a few minutes and we were able to enjoy the Maine woods and the ice of little pond.

Megan's brother Ben and his friend Gardner checked out the ice the day before, and everything looked safe.

Megan's dad Glenn ventured out with Dublin and Murphy, the resident chocolate labs of little pond.

Meanwhile, Gardner attempted to start a fire. This intrigued me.

Apparently, since the heat goes upward, the ice doesn't melt. But it does melt a little bit. I'm wondering how long it would take for the fire to eventually melt through?

Gardner pointed out that this one fire that you didn't have to worry about putting out!

A look up to the house, and I was ready to go in. The sun sets about 4:45 where Megan's parents were, and I was ready for the fire.

Up at the house, looking west towards the pond. You can see docking stored for the winter on the bog. Little Pond and the surrounding Oxford Hills Region of western Maine is a fantastic place. It is off the beaten path, not readily visited by droves of tourists, and it is a true slice of what life is like in rural New England. I'm not sure if I would want to live here year round, but I will hopefully be visiting for years to come. I hope you enjoyed the trip! Megan and I will be back in May, so be ready for more shots of the Little Pond in a few months. Meanwhile, I'll have plenty of interesting pictures of Ohio and beyond in the upcoming days.

Happy blogging,



  1. Beautiful photo journal of our trip- I love the picture of Jazzy. :-)

  2. I was also out on the ice this weekend checking on a few Ice Fishermen! Although they didn't have a fire burning, today much of that ice is now gone! Hard to believe how warm it has gotten recently!

  3. Tom,

    It is still quite warm here. The high pressure is sitting over eastern Ohio while the storm is just going around us up towards the northeast. It hasn't even rained. We have our windows and doors open here and it feels like spring!


  4. Fire on the ice!!! Wow! That was really cool or should I say "hot" hahaha.
    Your landscape pictures are amazing...great material for your new art adventure! That's so terrific that you're giving it a try! Keep us posted.
    Skybus would be great, although small planes are scary. Large planes are scary too and I almost need to be medicated to get on one...I'm a big chicken :(

  5. Glad you enjoyed your time in Maine. That's a nice little pond they have in their backyard.