Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Live Backyard Bird Cam

I have the web cam running this afternoon (I set it up during lunch) and quite a few cardinals have been stopping by the feeding station in our backyard. In addition, I have put out sunflower seeds right in front of the camera on the window ledge. It was quite fun today at lunch to watch the cardinals through the window. I do not have one way glass, but they were so busy eating they apparently did not mind me watching. Looking at wild birds from six inches away is pretty darn cool.

Live Bird Cam


  1. Should have checked it out today! Was home when it was light out! but have to go to work tomorrow! Very cool for sure with the cardinals!

  2. Tom,

    I haven't had it up and running faithfully, but will try in the future, especially on particularly "birdy" days like today. The Cold weather and snow sure brought the cardinals to the feeder.

    I have posted a "mug shot" from today .