Sunday, January 27, 2008

Views from Madison

Some quick shots from my trip:

The capitol building in Madison, quite a place. It looks great from each of the four angles that you can view it from, although I was only brave enough to capture it from this view. I was surprised my Canon A60 camera actually worked in the -1 Fahrenheit temperatures.

The University sits right on Lake Mendota. The large wooded area is a nature preserve that I wasn't able to get to during my short stay. The Lake was completely frozen, and was frequented by both ice anglers and cross country skiers.

The "Old Red Gym" sat right next to our conference center. Quite imposing, this building also served as an armory. It also sits right on the lake.

Finally, the place where I was dropped off by the lovely Vangalder bus company-which is obviously affiliated with Coach USA. I was was quite relieved when I arrived to campus on Wednesday night!

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  1. Thanks for the quick tour of Madison, Tom. Just between you and me, I hope I never find out if my camera will work at -1ºF,

  2. Tom.

    What a shot of the capitol building. You must have seen it glowing through your lens and knew you had a great shot. :D

    The campus is beautiful. How fantastic to have it built alongside a lake. What fun to study on the shoreline while listening to lapping waves during balmy weather.

    Beautiful photos, great post!!!

    Hugs, JJ

  3. Marvin,

    You are welcome. Yeah, -1 I think is a camera killer. Luckily, I didn't bring my d-SLR!


    Yes, I need to go back to Madison in July! I'm sure that people must take a quick dip in Lake Mendota on a hot day between classes.


  4. Great shot of the capitol building. With that cold white glow, you can even feel the cold emanating from the photo - seems that you can turn your hand to more than just nature photography!
    Back soon -
    Tanya (in Kenya)

  5. Thanks Tanya,

    I love your blog. I'm saving up to read your posts in detail some day...Just looking at your pictures is enough for me to get a taste of Kenya. I'm a nature photographer first and fore most but doing general travel photography is fun as well. Playing around with a point and shoot for the weekend was a nice departure from my bulky camera bag.