Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prairie Fens and Island Alvars

I've been out in the field the last two days. Yesterday, I traveled to Gallagher Fen and Prairie Road Fen State Nature Preserves. Both sites only open by permit through the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves, and both sites pretty darn cool. I've had plenty of experience in the northeastern Ohio fens, but the sites in western Ohio have plenty of prairie plants like prairie dock and blazing star.

Then, this morning, I headed up for Kelleys Island where I met Jim Bissell and crew of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. I was introduced to several new plants, including the state listed rock elm, smooth rose, and green milkweed. I'm back, exhausted, and ready to go to sleep!

Oh yeah, Megan and I took a little walk down to the Olentangy, and boy was it full of water. Columbus had several hours of rain this morning, and things have really transformed around Kenney Park. I haven't seen the water this high since early May. I hope everyone is getting out in the field. We're having fantastically cool and non-humid weather for this time of year, and this makes for some great prairie viewing. The Ohio Prairie Conference is happening this week at my alma mater, Hiram College. I don't think I'll be making it up for the event, but I'm sure it will be a great botanically themed weekend!


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