Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Film Experiments, this Time with Birds

So, I'm still stuck on this question regarding whether I should get a digital SLR.

Here I have three shots. The first two are cropped images of birds taken at the Columbus Zoo Bird Aviary. The third shot was taken with my work Nikon D70 digital SLR. My own Sigma autofocus lens was used for the first two shots, and the images were recorded on Kodak 400 speed film. The last image was recorded digitally using an old manual focus Sigma zoom. I'm assuming that the older lens has poorer optical quality than my new lens, and in this case, the older lens with digital camera clearly beats out newer lens with film camera. Maybe that means that I should get a digital SLR after all???? The question lingers...........

Goldfinch shot on film in the aviary (notice the bands around its "ankles")

A chestnut-sided warbler, also at the zoo aviary, captured on film.

American goldfinch captured along the Olentangy River with old Sigma zoom lens, but this time, using a digital SLR. Much nicer image!

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