Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dragonflies captured on Film

More fun with film, from the same roll as Bodhi.

I shot most of these photos at 300mm, which has the lens fully extended. In addition, the aperture I used was typically 5.6, which has the lens iris be completely open. All shots were hand held. Many people have complained about this lens being soft under these conditions. I just wish I could try out this lens on the end of a Canon Rebel XTI for a day! The "graniness" of the film makes it hard to tell if the lens is truly soft. Some of my pictures did come out pretty well, but most did seem soft

Here we have a twelve spotted skimmer, a first for me seeing on the Olentangy.


Next up is the most common of the skimmers, a male common whitetail. This species is fairly ubiquitous throughout Ohio.

Next, a widow skimmer, which is extremely handsome with plenty of white and black.

Finally, yet another male rubyspot. I choose to share this photo because it emphasizes this species habit of just hanging out on rocks in the middle of the river.

The verdict? I'd love to have a brand new digital SLR and some great Canon USM image stabilized lens to pair with a new camera! However, the several thousand dollar setup I have been pondering may be just a little too pricey for me to conscientiously justify.

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