Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the Olentangy River

I love taking photographs. If you look at this blog regularly, you probably know that by now. And having a blog is a great place for me to put my photos so that I can look and analyze them.

So what do I miss about Montana? I miss all the great photo opportunities! Almost everywhere in every direction, there was something interesting to photograph. The problem? It can get pretty frantic and lets just say the trip was not as relaxing as it could have been because I was trying to photograph every minute of it!

So the last few days I have been somewhat lamenting the lack of mountains and in general, extremely photogenic scenery around Columbus. But, I hadn't gone out and tried to take pictures of anything since I had come home. Tonight, I threw the camera around my neck, broke out the new tripod I purchased in Montana (floor model, great savings, and no Montana sales tax!), and I went to Kenney Park to photograph the Olentangy River.

Tonight, I started my trek through a little goldenrod meadow and noticed several pairs of beetles, that were, um, enjoying each others company. At least they would be if beetles were humans.


A short trip down to the river, and I scared up a momma mallard and her three babies. I'm guessing this is this mother's second clutch of the year.

Next up, some mature mallards, a male with several females. I was lucky enough to capture them exhibiting their natural feeding behavior. These mallards were scared of people and wouldn't swim over to me when I moved my arms in a motion like I was tossing bread into the water.

Finally, I decided to play around with the tripod and take some very long exposures of the river at twilight to see what would happen. Doing this captured an almost surreal, silky image. Check out the bottom of the Olentangy. Anyways, Ohio may not offer the overt scenic beauty that Montana possesses, but it is just as fun, and certainly more relaxing, to take photographs in my own backyard.
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