Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun with Film and Bohdi

Since I dropped my Canon digital camera into the Olentangy River a few weeks back, I have drug out the old Canon Elan IIe to reacquaint myself with film . I took some shots at the Columbus Zoo of Bodhi, the young Asian elephant. Here are some of my thoughts of my Bohdi shooting experience.

Overall, I was happy with the sharpness of this image. However, in all my pictures, there is a noticeable purple hue. I'm not sure if this is due to old film, or that the lens I use is an old cheapo Sigma that is known to produce color aberrations. Anyways, why I've been shooting film with my old lenses is to see if the old Sigma lens would get me by attached to a new Canon Eos Rebel XTI, or if I would need to shell out the cash for a new Canon lens.

Boy I'd love to have a new digital SLR (the aforementioned Canon) but it seems that I can capture most of the shots I typically take with Canon's point and shoot superzoom, the soon to be discontinued S3. Oh the dilemma!

Anyways, here is Bodhi. He looks fairly happy for a young elephant. He obviously has been building up some duff on his back. It looks itchy to me, but he must like it.


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  1. Oh the dilemma is right Tommy! Fortunately you have until October before we head to the B&H store in NYC...perhaps you'll know then what you want! :-)

    By the wayy- I like the elphant. :-)