Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kayaking on the Olentangy

Megan and I registered for a Coleman inflatable two person kayak last year before our wedding. The kayak looked pretty cool on Target's website, and we had just moved to a new house that was in close proximity to the Olentangy River. Sure enough, we received the Kayak as a gift from Megan's brothers, and today, we took it out on the river.

All in all, this was not a bad little kayak. We inflated it with an electric pump, screwed the paddles together, strapped on our L.L. Bean life vests, and headed for the river. We cruised up and down the Olentangy for about an hour. What a relaxing experience! The damselflies weren't afraid of us at all, and we had blue tipped, powdered, violet, and blue fronted dancers alighting on the kayak and on our legs. Perhaps the most interesting thing we saw was the Illinios river cruiser. This large dragonfly searches up and down the river all day long. He approached us several times in the kayak and did a fly-by, and you could see his distinct emerald green eyes, dark body, and large yellow spot towards the rear of his abdomen. What a neat find. The kayak allowed us to get close, within five to ten feet. He treated us as if we were just a log floating down the river. Megan and I were treated to nice views of the common map turtle, both basking on logs and floating in the water.

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