Saturday, August 27, 2011

Red Sky at Night

We're headed to bed soon and the first high clouds from Irene have just reached us. Things are calm at 8:41, but we could hear thunder off in the distance at sunset.

Here are the numbers I'm tracking- there have been no significant changes.

Mt. Mica Observatory:

Temperature: 68.2
Wind: 0 mph gusting to 2 mph
Pressure: 29.94 and steady

Little Androscoggin River near South Paris:
Gauge height: 2.43 feet
Discharge: 31 cubic feet per second.

It will be interesting to see how these numbers change overnight.

Again, our thoughts here in Maine are with those further south, including Megan's grandmother in Manhattan, who are bearing the brunt of this storm.



  1. Gorgeous shot..thinking of all the East Coast folks, and friends in Manhattan.