Saturday, August 06, 2011

Farewell to Rocky Mountain National Park

The calendar tells me its August, but I'm not quite sure I believe it.  Do you?  Yes- it's been ridiculously hot outside for a long time.  But I'm just not ready for it to be the last month full of summer.  Unfortunately, I don't have a choice- so it's be ready or nothing. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Colorado images.  I spent ALOT of time photographing in the park, and I wanted to take the time to carefully select my best images and present them here.  So much of blogging typically involves the day-to-day activities. But I wanted to take the time to explore a photographic topic in depth.  I hope you've been enjoying it.  If you haven't- let me know with a comment or e-mail.

With these four images, I'll be bringing the Rocky Mountain National Park images to a close.  On our last full day in the park, I wanted to capture some dragonfly and damselfy images.  I went to Lily Lake to see if I could find dragons and damsels- and I did.  I also found fly fisherman, picnicers, wedding parties being photographed, and plenty of day hikers.  I had spent most of my time in the park during the week, but when I hit this spot on a Saturday, I got a taste of just how much the locals use RMNP as a quick getaway from the local cities.

The last image is perhaps one of my favorites from the trip- A lone ponderosa pine, growing in granitic bedrock, overlooking the snowcapped mountains that lead to Long's Peak.  Rocky Mountain National Park is a spectacular place.  Scenic and wildlife photographic opportunities abound.  I hope we are able to return soon. 



  1. I absolutely love that last photograph, Tom! That's worthy of being framed and shown in any art gallery, very well done. The colors contrast and compliment each other well. From the lichen covered rocks to the mists and clouds hugging the mountain range, I'm in love with this photo! Been fun traveling some place new with you for a bit! Looking forward to doing the same next month.

  2. I visited RMNP about five years ago and loved every minute of it, of course. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Your images are all striking.

  3. Amazing photos Tom and I am not quite ready for end of summer either. Only good part is shorebirds get better now :)


  4. Thanks Andrew- Yes- I'm looking forward to what you find in Montana!

    Scott- You are welcome- It's a great place- and really easily accessible, especially with family.

    Thanks Dan- Yes, Shorebirds- I'm looking for themes for the blog over the upcoming weeks- Perhaps I might try to tackle some of my natural history identification weaknesses. Shorebirds and butterflies might fit that bill nicely.


  5. Gorgeous photos. That last one is a knockout, but I think my favorite is the butterfly -- the detail...!