Sunday, August 07, 2011

Peach Picking at Legend Hills Orchard

I think it's now official- the Arbour family has a favorite orchard.  Legend Hills Orchard, near Utica, Ohio has officially become stitched into our family fabric.  Weston loves going to the place where the "yum yums" hang from trees, and we hope Brody will too.  I checked back on the blog to see when we started coming here.  I'm not sure exactly how early it was, but I did  find a post showing Megan and I picking apples in 2007.

We were just one-year-married at that time, basically still newlyweds.  Now, we've got two boys that follow us around everywhere we go.  It's amazing how our lives have changed- for the better.  Caring for two little hungry mouths- getting them to sleep, to stop crying, changing their diapers, and now potty training  is all, well, a struggle. Sometimes we are so busy it's hard to remember that there was ever a time in our lives where we had to look for something to keep us entertained.  Now we long for that little bit of extra time, but it usually doesn't happen.  And that's OK- because one day I'm sure we'll be asking ourselves how the boys grew up so fast.  Maybe it was because they ate a ton of peaches?!



  1. I love that even in the city our boys will learn that "yum yums" come from trees. :-)

  2.'s refreshing that they'll be able to pick strawberries, apples, and peaches and know exactly where these things come from and how they're grown. And that if we're eating these things in winter- they're coming from a LONG way away.

  3. What's funny is that I just noticed that your blogger picture is one we took at Legend Hills! :)