Monday, August 22, 2011

And Now for an Interruption

It's taken me almost two years to click through twenty four exposures of Kodak T-MAX 400, but a few weeks ago, I finally finished a roll.  I've never developed my own film.  But thanks to the help of friend James, I'm an expert (yeah right).  With his help yesterday, I developed my  first roll of film.  He was kind enough to drop off the negatives this evening after an overnight drying session, and bam, I popped them in the scanner.  Here's Weston's best "I'm cold daddy why are we outside are you crazy!?!" look.  I snapped this sometime last winter, as several of the other frames show a very pregnant Megan. 

I'm not sure how often I'll shoot and develop my own film. But it has taught me this: take the necessary time with every frame, digital or analog, so that I capture the very best image possible.


P.S.  Ok- How I missed the extra little black bar on the right side of the frame, I do not know.  I'm not fixing it!


  1. Tom, this image is so perfect. Aside from great composition, the look on Weston's face is priceless - like maybe he's thinking about flicking you in the head or something. Very cute. And I didn't notice the black bar until you mentioned it...!

  2. Thank you Heather- Yeah, Weston's eyes initially distracted me from my cropping error too. Oh well. I'll eventually fix it!

  3. That is a fantastic shot Tom. I love the short focus field that blurs everything in the background. Amazing how moody and full of atmosphere B&W can be.

  4. Very nice photo Tom! The detail and reflections in the eyes is just amazing.

  5. Butch- Thanks- As Rick Sammon always says, shooting in black and white takes some of the reality of a scene. Today I took the film camera out again loaded with black and white film, I'll be excited to see what I get back.

    Thanks Tom- I haven't been to your blog in while, I really like your logo- I'm thinking of designing one or commissioning one for this blog.

    Biobabbler- Weston did all the hard work! Thank you.