Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild Hyacinths in the......SUN!

Is that the sun I see today?  What an awesome day- you can't beat sunny, big puffy white cumulus clouds, 75 degrees, and a gentle breeze.  Especially after a week of rain, record low high temperatures, and gray clouds.  This is a patch of Wild Hyacinth at Delaware Wildlife Area.  What's strange about this population is that it grows alongside the road, and it's absolutely huge.  I've been admiring to and from work the past week, but today, I stopped and captured this 60 second landscape.

Enjoy the weekend,



  1. Hi does that me I can expect to see sun here in Maine??? We are on our 7th day of rain,but I bet you knew that lol
    Lovely to see the Wild Hyacinths flowing in the breeze!!

  2. Maybe? We're scheduled for clouds all next week- We'll see what happens, I know my in-laws would like me to push some of this sunshine their way too.