Friday, May 13, 2011

Eastern Box Turtle

Whew, what a week, is it really over? This week the field season for my day job began in earnest.  When you're working with birds, you've to go be on their schedule.  I set my alarm this week anywhere from 2:45 to 4:00 a.m. depending where I needed to be to count grassland birds.  Needless to say, adjusting to this new schedule is not easy, but I think I'm in the swing of things now. 

This morning on my way to a field site, I encountered this male eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina) just as you see it.  I quickly jumped out of the car to photograph this amazing creature with my trusty Iphone 4.  Although this gravel road gets little traffic, I still moved him to the other side where he was headed.  I don't think there's a better way to start a field day than with a box turtle.



  1. my brother found @ 4" box turtle on the road today and put it in our garden. have 3 dogs and don't really need a turtle. have no idea where it might survive. water?? woods? some of both? but need to find out fast before dogs discover it. can you help?? live in central indiana

  2. The best thing to do would be to return the turtle to the spot where it was found. Box turtles "know" their home and will typically try tonfind it again once they are moved. Box turtlesmlike woods and meadow habitats. You might also try contacting a local wildlifenrehabber for advice if you are unable tonreturn the turtle to where itnwas found. Good luck-


  3. Is it legal to keep an Eastern Box turtle in Ohio? Many states have strict rules about owning a native species especially Eastern Box turtles.

  4. Nice shot of the Eastern Box Turtle!! They are cool! Yep Tom you are exactly right. If they are removed from their area to another they will wonder around looking for their home and then die. I was told they will not eat while searcing for their home.

    I have found a bunch of Eastern Box Turtles this year, I think it must be that we have had alot of rain. I am in the South Carolina mountains so the turtles are all around us.

    I posted a couple pictures today.
    A Few Pictures of Eastern Box Turtles