Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pearl Crescent- An Underappreciated Butterfly

The Pearl Crescent is a tiny little butterfly that's easy to miss.  But it's common almost in every grassy habitat in Ohio, including the Worthington Olentangy Parklands near our home.  They're small and you'll miss them if you're not looking for them - the grass blades give a nice scale to this image

We're tired in the Arbour household- today Weston had minor outpatient surgery to have tubes installed in his ears.  Hopefully, the tubes will help prevent ear infections and help him hear better.  You can tell the little guy's hearing is different already, as he was talking and yelling at a higher volume this afternoon.  Let's hope it works- he actually had an ear infection today when he went in to get his tubes, so we're really glad we made the decision to go ahead with them.  Speaking of Weston...I hear his voice upstairs with Momma...it looks like he wasn't ready for bed after all.


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