Monday, May 03, 2010

Flora-quest 2010 is O-vah!

I think a great time was had by all, in spite of the rainy conditions-  I know I had a blast.  The Shawnee State Forest really was dripping with warblers and the forest floor was covered with blooms- it did not dissapoint.  See you in 2011!


If anyone knows more about these flies that flock to wild geraniums, I'd love to know more-  I've been observing this behavior each spring for several years now-  their must be some really great nectar down there at the base of the flower!


  1. Hey Tom, If you find out, let me know- as I have photos of them too! Thanks for lending your expertise to this event! Best, Cheryl

  2. I also have pics of bugs very much like that in baby blue eyes (Nemophilia sp.) here in Calif. They LIVE in those flowers. ALways there.

  3. Tom, I am fairly sure those are Dance Flies. Jenny had told me that once before. Here is a page from Bugguide. The description with rounded head, distinct neck and tapered abdomen match, plus they nectar on flowers. Most likely genus Rhamphomyia

  4. Cheryl- Janet to the rescue!

    Biobabbler- Interesting, I'm not familiar with Nemophila, I'll have to look that one up

    Sweet! Thanks Janet- A facebook friend thought these might be called march flies- perhaps there similar, thanks for the links, I'll take a look.