Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching Up

Whew!  It's been quite a week.  Between trying to watch all 13 episodes of AMC's Mad Men: Season 3 on DVD before it was due back to the library (check!), and opening a photo exhibit here in Worthington I'm ready for a break.  But oh wait-  Flora-quest starts tomorrow  I've never participated in this really awesome two day event, but I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be an absolute blast.  The Shawnee and Edge of Appalachia Regions are just amazing at this time of year- I hope warblers are dripping from the trees and the ground is exploding with blooms.

In preparation for the trip, I popped the memory card from my Canon d10 into the computer, an all conditions, waterproof camera affectionately dubbed "the blueberry".  I've since learned that its design was inspired by a cartoonish chubby polar bear wearing  a blue shirt riding up with an exposed belly button-  I'm not making this up- only our friends from Japan could come up with this stuff. Go here to see what I mean and click on the blue camera.

Anyways, I popped in the card, thinking I would find only photos that I took- but this one just made me grin ear to ear.  Great shot Megan

Now you know the camera that took the picture, and the person who took it, but just look at him.  It's been a while since I've posted images of Weston here, and that might be too long.  Look at that hair, the maturity, the desire, the will, the upturned collar.  We've got a little boy on our hands- no longer a baby.


Next Wednesday, from 6-8, there will be a reception for myself and Mike Heisey, the other photographer featured at "the mac"  Everyone is invited. 


  1. That is too cute.He is adorable.

  2. He is so precious. I just love that head of hair! All those curls..just precious!

  3. He looks a little irritated with you and the camera. Good to hear that flowers are out somewhere. We have snow in Yellowstone right now. I'll get to have another spring whenever that happens here.

  4. What a look! Don't cross his path!
    Anyway, congrats and good luck at the reception!!!

  5. Judging from the photo, I'd say he's a little man rather than a little boy! Quite a change from earlier photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. Growing fast, but still adorable :-) Great shot, Megan.

  7. Oh my gosh - that is adorable!