Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the Challenge Continues! Metroparks Challenge #7

Mom! I lost my shoe!
Last fall, you might remember that Megan, Weston and I had set out to visit all of the central Ohio Metroparks before the snow fell- we titled it our "Metroparks Challenge". We set our goals high- and we simply didn't meet it in the time allowed. That doesn't mean we have given up on the goal! Last week, we went to Highbanks Metropark, located about 2 miles north of our home, for a quick walk around the dog friendly trail, which led us through young woods and old farm fields.
In one of the fields is a prehistoric earthwork, often known as an "indian mound". There are several other interesting earthworks at Highbanks Park.
One of the reasons we chose this particular trail was the opportunity to see birds we had not yet encountered in 2010- birds that frequent open fields and similar habitats. The trail didn't disappoint. We first heard this field sparrow with its dropping ping-pong ball call, and after several minutes of scanning the field, I spotted its pink bill through the binoculars.

And finally, just before we arrived back to the parking lot, we spotted a pair of eastern bluebirds. The female is pictured above.

The lack of posts this week was with reason- I've been busy working at something, something that I'm extremely excited about, which I'll soon announce here.



  1. Very cool! Looking forward to your announcement, as well. :)

  2. Lana- Thanks for all of your help!