Sunday, May 23, 2010


For those of you who have never been on a photowalk-  they're a blast if you love photography.  Here are a few shots from yesterday's nature photowalk around Worthington, courtesy of Stephen Wolfe.

Here I'm demonstrating the difference between horse chestnut (palmate compound leaves with 7 leaflets) and Ohio buckeye (palmate compound leaves with 5 leaflets). 

This is Scott, aka Shog on Flickr, photographing a moth.  Take a look at his results, they're amazing!

Your blogger- Thanks for the great picture Steve!

Thanks to everyone that came, and as Steve has captured in the above image, I had a blast.  We had at least a dozen folks interested in nature and macro photography, and it was great fun to see everyone so interested in the natural world.  I'll be attending and helping to organize and promote more nature photowalks through the Ohio Nature Photographers group at Flickr. Look to this blog for more information.



  1. Love these group time you have one coming up......give me a shout Tom!

  2. Definitely a lot of fun and very interesting/educational. Tom is great teacher as well as a great photographer.

  3. Tina- Look for the announcements right here at the blog or the Ohio Nature Photographers Group- and if you have any ideas for a photowalk, please share them here or the group!

    Thanks Scott!


  4. Looks like it was a great time. :)