Friday, May 07, 2010

Barn Swallows

Today Megan, Weston and I traveled to Slate Run Metropark, one of our favorite haunts in central Ohio.  I decided to bring the big heavy lens along, and I was glad that I did. Yesterday, I saw my first barn swallows of 2010, and today, I was able to photograph them.  They really are amazing birds to watch- they whipped around the hay fields and in and out of the doors of the pig barn.  And when I was standing in the doorway, unknowingly blocking access to their nest they really let me know it.  A quick step to the side and I had barn swallows whooshing by at eye level.  This individual is resting after all of that work.



  1. Beautiful picture.I think these birds are amazing.

  2. Thanks Ruth- I agree- I don't get to see them very often living in the middle of the city, but I really enjoyed watching their behavior and photographing them today.

  3. Such a beautiful photo! I only see swallows swooping around in the air, so it's a real treat to see one up close.

  4. Sorry for my recent absence. Nothing but problems with my brand new, WinBLOWS 7 computer. :( Will be back when things are working normally...I promise.