Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moon over Little Pond

Looking back on our trip to Maine, going through my photos and really thinking about the trip, I'm realizing that it was completely crazy and we were busy absolutely all the time getting everything ready to make Megan's brother's wedding a success. In the end, I think everything went fantastic, but I look back at the pictures, and I'm finding it hard to pick out ones that I really like. Was it the new lens that I rented? Wasn't it the constant gray skies? I'm still pondering, perhaps I just need to create a few more HDR's and I'll discover something fantastic.

Fortunately, throughout our time there, the clouds and rain were intermittent, and the moon was shining bright when I captured this exposure. The camera was mounted on a tripod and the exposure range was way up there- probably in the 2-3 minute range. In my raw image, you can definitely see camera shake. I didn't have my remote release, and was just holding the shutter down with my finger until my finger could take no more pressing!

Little Pond is a fabulous place. It is off the beaten path, tucked away from state rt. 117, just barely able to be seen through a small and narrow outflow. It is quite small for a body of water in western Maine, hence the name "little pond", even though its water surface area covers more than 20 acres.

We swim here, fish here, and explore and play here. It is a fantastic place, and it makes visiting the in-laws a so much better experience (not that visiting them would ever be bad, it is just a darn nice pond!). Hopefully, they'll keep their home here, and Megan and I will make the trek from Ohio to Maine often.



  1. Tom, this is a wonderful photo. Skywatch-bound, I hope?

  2. Wow, that's an absolutely stunning photo! It reminds me of many similar scenes I enjoyed back in Canada.
    Glad the wedding went well. :)

  3. Tom: A beautiful photo that really is a super view of the lake.

  4. Your comments about Little Pond make me miss it and wish we had more spare time and sunny weather in which to recreate this summer. The last day with canoing and swimming was great though!

  5. Wren- Well, I supppose I could use it for Sky Watch, but I think I might have others in store that are more fresh. I would hate to recycle a post. But you have got me thinking, I have been taking quite a few pictures of the sky recently.

    Lana- Thank you. It really did, because of a ton of hard work from many people.

    Thanks Tom- Remember, ya got to call it a pond, believe it or not, us Ohioans would call this a lake, but in Maine, it is just a "little pond"

    Megan- Yeah, I agree, and I'll have some video of that adventure coming up soon.