Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Tame Snowy Egret

I suppose I would be super tame too if I knew that I was going to get a full belly of fresh fish guts after this guy was done getting his fillets!

Monday morning I foolishly went out on a cross island photo scouting mission. My first stop was the Sanibel fishing pier at the east end of the island near the lighthouse. The rails were lined shoulder to shoulder with fishermen. Yep, all men. They were reeling in dinner plate sized sheepshead- a black and white vertically striped fish. I watched them for a while, but what really caught my eye was this snowy egret. It stood steadfast in the strong breeze waiting for a handout. I didn't stick around long enough to see if his patience paid off. I was off to Ding Darling to see the roseate spoonbills!



  1. Great shot. opportunistic little buggers they are!! thanks for sharing

  2. Beth Ellen- Thanks very much.

    Stacey- You are welcome. I was so amazed how steadfastly this little bird was standing to get a free meal. He was really taking the full brunt of the wind!


  3. The Egrets are all over the place in Florida. I live right by the ocean and started to feed an egret that liked to come by. It comes by every day now. They are very tame birds.