Friday, March 07, 2008

Florida, Here We Come

Our bags are packed, and Megan and I will be heading to Punta Gorda and then Sanibel island tomorrow. I'm bring the laptop, so check back for our travel adventures. It should be very interesting trying to fly out in snow. I hope our plane can get out, but fortunately, since Skybus flies to very small, uncongested airports, our chances of a cancellation are slim, I hope. For those of you not from Ohio, Columbus, where Megan and I live, is the starred city in the middle of the state. Hunker down, the snow is coming. And if we're lucky, I'll be able to start posting images from Florida tomorrow. Yes!


  1. Wait for me!!!!!!! I love that area. Hope you get over to Ding Darling. We saw some great wildlife over there. Have fun! I'm green with envy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. :)

  2. Hey Tom, thanks for visiting my blog, I checked yours out also and I like the photos you have posted, the photo of your in-laws place reminds me of my house, my snowbanks are at roof level too. I'm jealous that you're going to Florida, I spent three weeks in Port Charlotte, which is right by Punta Gorda, in 2004 during the month of February and I loved it, especially visiting the everglades. I burned a lot of film during that trip.

  3. Lucky duck. Florida is the place to be with weather like this coming in. None here yet but then it is on its way.

  4. OOOH, send us some sunbeams while you're there. Enjoy the great escape and enjoy the romantic sunsets. :D


    Hugs, JJ

  5. Have a safe trip. I haven't been to Florida in over 30 years...I bet you'll have a blast in Sanibel!

  6. Photograph some shells and have a safe trip. BTW, I liked your motion shots and enjoy your blog. Troy

  7. Everyone- Megan and I were going to Florida today, but with the blizzard warning we are having here in C-bus, we've delayed our trip by one day and we are now flying out on Sunday morning!

    Sandpiper- I've never been to Sanibel, and I'm planning to spend plenty of time at Ding Darling.

    Your blog is great, still can't get over how many great nature blogs there are here! I'm finding great ones every day.

    John- You are welcome. I love Maine. Did you know that you can fly on Skybus Airlines from Pease (Portsmouth New Hampshire) to Punta Gorda? That's what my inlaws are doing, and we are meeting them in Florida.

    Abe- Yes, it is. Unfortunately, we didn't get out early enough!

    JJ- When I get there, I will surely post some positive sunshine vibes and hope that they radiate up north and melt all the snow!

    Dave- Thanks. We'll make it there! I'm just going to have to wait another day.

    Texas- Yes, I've heard that Sanibel is world famous for its shelling, and that the famous dance of the island is the "Sanibel Stoup" (AKA, bending over and looking for Seashells)

    Lana- Thanks a bunch!


  8. Well, good luck, Tom and Megan. The news in Buffalo is all about cancelled flights. (And being a winterwoman, I see that you are getting 8-14 inches and wonder - why leave now??? Winter has FINALLY arrived!)

  9. Popped over from oldmanlincoln's blog and I liked what I saw. I'm going to check back to see those photos of Sanibel Island. It is a beautiful place and out of the hubbub of much of Florida. A place to sit in the sun and have a dry martini.

  10. Have a safe trip and ugg with the snow! Shouldn't this be spring? We are in the 8-12 inches zone!

  11. We'll get out tomorrow- God willing and the creak don't rise! Lots of snow today- good exercise, but let's get out of here already!