Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Blizzard of 2008- Live Camera Compilation

Since it is dark and now the camera is offline, I made a little compilation video of the day. It was a crazy day. All in all, Megan says we received about 20 inches of snow here in Columbus in about 30 hours or so. We just aren't used to snowfalls like this.

We are headed to Florida tomorrow- However, I'm sick. Megan, being a certified nurse midwife, has diagnosed me with Influenza! Doesn't that suck? I've had a fever for about 20 hours now, maxing out at 101.7 degrees last night about 1 a.m. Needless to say, I'm going to have to suck it up tomorrow for our flight to Punta Gorda, and I may not be quite as adventurous on the trip as I would have liked. Luckily, it isn't a stomach virus. Just "general malaise" (really, that's what it says in the book,) with "unproductive cough" and fever. We're flying back next Saturday, so hopefully that will give me plenty of time to recover. Still, I'll be trying to get great shots of Florida, so check back tomorrow and Monday for images of Sanibel Island. I've never been there, and i'm really looking forward to this trip.


Live Blizzard Cam


  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for pointing out the buguide website, I've already checked it out and I'll save it for future reference.
    Cool blizzard cam you have there, unfortunately that storm could be heading this way, as if we don't have enough snow as it is.


  2. Boy, you're not kidding about the snow! Sorry to hear that your trip has been delayed. Glad you'll be able to escape tomorrow, at least. Have fun at Ding Darling. Bring back some pictures of Roseate Spoonbills, okay? ;-)

  3. WOW! You're having all the snow fun! Hope you can dig your way out!

  4. What a neat time-lapse video! Looks like our place up here, snow, snow, and more snow...

    Hope the bug clears up soon! It's not fun being sick.

  5. Hope you get better! That's a lot of snow.

  6. Well you will most likely read this after you get to Florida. Have a safe trip and get well.

  7. We here in NY got about 14" in about the same amount of time. Our little puppy that is about 1' tall just loved the deep snow!

  8. John-

    You are welcome. I hope that you are spared the brunt of this storm.

    Sandpiper- Thank you, I can't wait to get there. I'll try my best!

    Chris- Thanks to Megan, who cleared our driveway, we were able to get out and we are now at the airport.

    Seabrooke- This was a record for snowfall in Columbus. It set both the all time storm total as well as the most snowfall in any 24 hour period!

    Beth Ellen- Thank you. Hopefully, all the snow will be melted when we get back, but hey, at least I won't miss any of Ohio's spring. This snow really set us back a few weeks.

    Toni- Thank you! I haven't made it quite yet. I'm sitting in the airport. Check out my new twitter updates!

    J- It is amazing how dogs love snow. Our neighbor's Pomeranian was kicking and frolicking in the deep snow as well, like it was in heaven.


  9. I have a collection of photos taken during and after the blizzard and will show them this week. Thanks for the visit.

    I enjoyed the video.

    I am sorry you got the flu.

  10. yup. this blizzard was amazing! I wasn't born for the blizzard of '78...but i dont care because i got to witness the blizzard of '08!!! hope u feel better.

  11. 20 inches! That is a serious snow. Be careful on your trip. Hope you feel better too.

  12. The flu??? Gads Tom, that totally sucks! Hope you make a preternaturally quick recovery! (I skipped the snow videos because I have too many memories of even more snow than THAT & I'm trying to keep them happily repressed, thank you! *L*)

  13. The newspapers today (Monday) reported snow fall amounts and Columbus got 20 inches. We got 11 in Brookville and my daughter in Tipp City got 15. As deep as it is some of it might still be here when you get back home.

  14. I like all the cool photo stuff you're able to do.
    That's neat!
    Good to see you're shoveling out from the blizzard!

    I've tagged you for a game, if you like?

  15. Zoinks that's a lot of snow!

    I hope you feel much better very soon - it's a bummer to get sick right before a trip!

  16. Abe- Thanks, I'm glad you like the video

    Anon- Yep, I wasn't around either in 1978, somehow I think that one may have been worse.

    Dave- Thanks, I'm back, still not %100 but trying my best.

    Lana- Thanks! Ok, now that you live in the south, we'll let you off the hook for not watching the video!

    Nina- Thanks for the tag. I did a quick and dirty meme. Not my best work.

    Adam- You are now in South American- Can't wait to see the photos you bring back.