Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Like it, I Love it, I Want Some More of It....

March 16, 2011, Delaware Wildlife Area

What could I be talking about?  Spring, of course!

I'm sorry if I've put the lyrics for an annoying country song into your head- but I just couldn't help myself.  Today while I was inching down a gravel road, trying to avoid massive potholes, I spotted a few hopping leopard frogs taking advantage of the warm afternoon.  Peepers and chorus frogs were also calling- all in the middle of the day.  I love spring.



  1. I heard peepers this past Sunday in some woods north of Columbus -- looking forward to this weekend! :)

  2. Paul- Yes, we're going to have an absolute frog bonanza, isn't spring great?

  3. Yes, I love spring, too, especially after one of the snowiest, longest winters, ever! Bring it on!