Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brody / Weston Comparison

One at 13 days, the other at ten.  Who's who? 


  1. Hi Tom....this is a big challenge!!!
    There should be a prize here you know!!
    If I guess right do I get to see the boys the next time you come to Maine???
    Here goes...I thinnnnk the first photo is Brody?????? well "yah" that's my guess????

  2. Well, I delivered both of these boys so I hope I am right....Top one is Weston. Bottom one is Brody. That's my guess!

  3. Top one is Weston, bottom one is Brody is my guess. Brody is already losing that cute crinkle at the top of his nose! Both are beautiful boys!

  4. Top Westen, bottom Brody. Your photography skills have improved since then and you left the exif data on the images.



  5. Thanks everyone for playing along. Weston is on top, Brody is at the bottom. For Jason- Well, I know I chose a crappy photo, but the reason I picked that particular one is because it most closely matched the photo I had chosen for Brody. They're really two different little guys!


  6. I wasn't implying it was crappy! Sorry I spoiled the fun with the exif data. In my defense, I guessed before checking. I am super jealous of your little family of naturalists. I just amuse myself with dogs but can't wait to have children to enjoy the wonders of nature with. You have much to be proud of.

  7. The guesses have already been confirmed, but I would have said Weston on top, Brody at bottom, as well. They are both super-cute, Tom. Congrats on your handsome family!