Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If you have a fast internet connection, be sure to select the 720p or 1080p options for much higher quality video.

This afternoon we had a nice little hail storm pass through Worthington- It's been a long time since I've seen this much hail.  Weston thought that it was pretty cool that thousands of little balls were falling from the sky. 


  1. Hi Tom..been wanting to tell you that I like you header! : }}
    You know I haven't see hail in ages and I don't desire to see any here either, but I bet it was fascinating to Weston!!

  2. Nice hail show =) Reminds me of physics when our teacher told us how much energy was released in a rain storm. LOTS.

    I LOVE, as does grammie g, that header photo--just STARED at it for a while. Wonderful. =)

  3. Thanks Grammie-

    I had the painted turtle header up for a whole year I loved it so much. But it was time fir something new, and I'll go back to switching up my headers to represent some seasonal theme. I think the leopard frog is perfect for spring.

    Biobabbler- yes- seeing the grounded pelted with millions of ice balls really drives that lesson home. I didn't mention that I made a mad dash to my car while all that hail was coming down.