Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't Forget the Moon

"Super Moon"- March 19, 2011
Tonight's full moon is the biggest and brightest since 1993- when I was a mere freshman in High School.  Oh, those were the days..........

The moon is certainly full- and it's really bright- don't forget to go out and bask in the moon glow.



  1. Ok I need help taking pictures of the moon! I stood out there with my tripod for an hour trying to get a good picture....Karole-Ann(Meg's friend from Maine)

  2. Excellent photograph! I watched it rise with good company at a friends wedding reception, it was quite the show stealer despite the competition of the occasion!

  3. Yes, we finally saw it , but missed the drama of it coming over the horizon. Went to the airport, that is THE place to see it. Were joined by a number of others with the same idea, and many taking pictures. YOURS is the best! I knew you'd get a good shot! I LOVE to see the moon like that. AWESOME!

  4. Hi Tom ...yup...your is the best I've seen!!