Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ohio Nature Bloggers

I've been blogging about the Natural History of Ohio since early 2006- it still blows my mind that this old blog has been around that long. Over 700 posts later, it's hard to believe I'm still at it.

This is a list that I've been wanting to assemble for quite some time. Ohio has numerous, fascinating nature blogs and equally interesting bloggers. Here is a current listing of the Ohio Nature Blogs that I read that are updated regularly. Please add your favorites to the comments, no Ohio nature blogger should be omitted from this list. This post is intended to be a living, hopefully growing list.

Red and The Peanut
Every Day the Bird Lover's Way ... A Cincinnati Birding and Nature Journal

I recently found Kelly's blog. Situated in southwest Ohio, she writes from the area of the state that I visit the least. Kelly has a keen eye for capturing bird behavior and interesting bird poses that don't typically make magazines, but are just as important, and more interesting than a straight pose.

Heather of the Hills
A Grown Up Kid Enjoying Nature's Playground

Heather blogs from southeast Ohio, often giving insight to the hilly regions of that part of our state. Heather also has a great photographic eye- her compositions always grab my attention.

Ohio Birds and Biodiversity
A romp through the diverse flora and fauna of Ohio
By Jim McCormac

James S. McCormac is a friend and co-worker. When I first started working, our desks were about 10 feet apart and he provided great work place laughs as well as fantastic natural history knowledge. He travels around Ohio and the country striving to quench his thirst for biodiversity. Luckily for us, he is really, really thirsty.

Bill of the Birds
My name is Bill and I am a bird watcher.

Bill, I've never met you, but I sure would like to. I've been reading your blog for about 4 years now, we both seem to love technology, nature, birds, we both play guitar, we both have brown eyes and goes on.

This is My Blog
By Tom, aka "The Fishing Guy"

I don't think Tom really knows he is a nature blogger, but he sure is. From fish to deer, birds to dragonflies, his interest in the natural world is readily apparent through his photography. Tom blogs from Kent, Ohio, and lives very near where my great great grandparents farmed a bit of land in Franklin Twp. Ohio in the 1860's.

Julie Zickefoose I'm an artist and writer who lives in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio.

Julie- I miss your painting posts.

Abe's Birds Blog

by Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln from Brookville, Ohio, is an amazing photographer. Capturing shots from his backyard, he has photographed bird behavior that I've never even seen. My favorite shot from Abe? It has to be the blue jay with a wispy puff of condensation escaping from its mouth on a cold day.

Weedpicker's Journal
Cheryl's Flora and Fliers

Cheryl writes from north central Ohio- Great photographs of butterflies and plants, which if you think about it, is a great idea for a blog. Cheryl recently moved over to blogger, so add her RSS feed to your reader if you haven't already.

Dirty Trees
Bob Klip's Brain on Botany

Bob Klips may not realize that he has a blog, but he does. Dated entries, photographs, text, it is definitely a blog. Bob, all you need is to add a commenting feature and an RSS feed. I just found Bob's site, and his photography is crisp, detailed, and focused on really showing you what makes a plant a plant. If you want to learn about plants, this is a must visit.

Nature Remains
By Nina

Nina blogs almost every day from her amazing property in southeast Ohio.

Best Bets for Birding the Crane-Creek Magee Region
by Kenn Kaufman

Author Kenn Kaufman's updates on one of the most famous birding regions in the world, which just happens to be right here in Ohio.

Midwest Native Plants, Gardens, and Wildlife
by Janet Creamer
Although Janet lives and works in Indiana, most of her naturalizing seems to be done in Ohio.

Birds from Behind
By Dave Lewis

I recently discovered Dave's blog, and I'm glad I did. Writing from Northeast Ohio, he isn't afraid to show a bird's "bad side".

Blue Jay Barrens
by Steve Willson

Steve has blogging about Blue Jay Barrens, a really cool xeric prairie in Adams County, since May. He already has 41 posts of this great natural area, and I look forward to his new posts.

So there you go, the Ohio Nature Blogs that are in my reader.

Your job is to add to this list.



  1. I used to live in Greenville the last part of World War II. I think I was around 10.

    From there to Gordon, Ohio and from there to Brookville, Ohio in 1962. This is the longest I have lived anywhere.

    Well, thank you for this link, Tom.
    You can, if you choose, add my real name under the link.

    Abraham Lincoln, Brookville, Ohio

  2. Abe- Sorry about that! Brookville! Brookville!

    I know I'll probably make mistakes in this post, please correct me, and I'll fix them.


  3. I thought: where do I search for some more interesting nature bloggers to add to my rss reader to read. So I opened my reader and presto! thanks so much for sharing these wonderful blogs with us!
    Went exploring...

  4. Tom - Thanks for the list and including my blog. I found a couple of good sites I'd not visited before.

    If you really like corrections, I could mention that my last name actually has two L's. This fact hides me in many phone directories and computer data bases. One of my fears is having researchers miss most of my most interesting exploits when they're preparing the movie of my life.

  5. Aluajala-

    You are welcome.

    Steve- You are welcome, and correction made. Many people often leave the "u" out of my name. I completely missed the second "L" in your last name. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


  6. Great collection of bloggers, Tom. You should check "Susan Gets Native" and "Katdoc's Blog" as well. They are both in Ohio, too.

    And all y'all should get yourselves over to the Nature Blog Network, join if your not a member, and add your general location to the map - it'll make it easier to find each other.

  7. Wren- Yes, I should plug the map in a future post. And thanks for pointing those blogs out, I'll certainly add them to the list.


  8. Hi Tom, thanks for listing my blog! I get a little 'behind' now and then, butt I just found your blog from Weedpicker...there sure is a gang of us out there!

  9. Thanks for putting me on your list Tom, and for your nice comments. Now I know why I've been getting so much traffic from your blog - thank you, thank you! Do you have plans for going to the Midwest Birding Symposium in September up at Lakeside? Seems like that might be a good place for so many of us Ohio bloggers to get to meet each other.

    P.S. I think Nina's over in southwest OH, Cincy area.

  10. Heather. You are welcome. And Yes. We botanists don't know our left from our right, so east and west are pretty much interchangeable. Yes, I do know that Nina is in southWEST Ohio. Milford. Another error. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


  11. Wow!! What a surprise to find this post. We have an amazing amount of bloggers in our state, and I see more Ohioans that I've missed. I'm heading to Hocking Hills next week, and I'm meeting up with Heather of Heather and the Hills! Heather is right. Nina is in the Cincinnati area...just 15 mins or so from my part of town. Susan Gets Native is also a Cincy blogger. Thank you for pulling this together!

  12. Wow, look at them all! Great resource. It's fun to follow other bloggers from your home region, see what they're observing just down the road from you. I second Wren's comment, and I'll likewise have to plug the map on my blog at some point.