Monday, July 27, 2009

Bigelow Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Two of Ohio's Remnant Prairies

Only tiny remnants of Ohio's prairie past, these two cemeteries in Madison County are ablaze with glory right now. If you haven't seen these pioneer cemeteries, they are worth the drive.

Bigelow Cemetery State Nature Preserve

and Smith Cemetery State Nature Preserve

Although I have lived in Central Ohio for six years, I have not yet adequately examined Central Ohio's natural remnant prairies, but I'm going to start now. They are just fantastic places.



  1. Such a beautiful post, thanks Tom. The pictures say it all.

  2. Worth the drive, indeed! At least from other places in or near Ohio. I live in NE New York and don't recognize those bright red and yellow flowers at all. I'm guessing the red ones are some kind of campion we don't get out here. What are the yellow ones? Isn't it exciting to find intact habitat the invasives haven't yet dominated?

  3. Its nice that there are pretty flowers amid the headstones. I love visiting old cemeteries. So much history we'll never know.

  4. I love the prairies, simple, but lots going on all the time. The cemeteries are a perfect find!

  5. Cheryl- Thanks

    Jennifer- Thank you. Now I know who you are!!!

    Jackie- The red flowers are Royal Catchfly, Silene regia. The yellow flowers are a mix of gray headed coneflower, Heliopsis helianthoides, whorled rosin weed, and prairie dock. These prairies are managed by The Division of Natural Areas & Preserves with fire and herbicide to keep out the invasives.

    Faye- Yes, the cemetery was built on a native prairie. Pretty cool, isn't it?

    Chris- Prairies are great, I bet you have many interesting remnants out your way.