Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long Range Cannons Trump Short Range Cannons- A Tour of Portland Harbor

Just in case the whales weren't candy enough to get you to Portland, Maine.

New Harbor Protection.

Old Harbor Protection

Interestingly, our guide explained that Portland's Civil War forts were built and quickly abandoned one year later. Why? The ports were installed with SHORT range cannons, and it was quickly discovered that "the enemy" was equipped with LONG range cannons. Couldn't they have just swapped in new canons??

Back on shore, the tide is up, and diners feast on the deck of the Portland Lobster Company.



  1. Ok, I'm starting off with my own comment.

    "Tom, what is your problem? Are you looking at camera websites and reviews so much that you forgot how to spell the word "Cannon" We're not talking about Cameras here, we're talking large iron guns that shoot balls, not that fantastic company that manufacturers lenses, cameras, and many other electronic wonders"

    Tom- Yes, you are right, I have been looking at cameras too much. That's what I get when I have a weekend at home to myself. My mind starts to wander. I forget how to spell the word "Cannon" and then I start commenting on my own blog posts, and then comment on my own comments!


  2. When you start talking to yourself, you are in trouble. Love the lighthouses and the fort! And the cannons no matter how you spell them.