Saturday, February 28, 2009

Map Turtles of Columbus

Zoo, that is. Some of you know that I'm taking a Photoshop for photographers class this quarter through Columbus State Community College. Here's one of the images that I put together for my final project. Megan looked at this, and said, "Those three turtles were not all in the same cage." Yep, she's right. My goal here wasn't to make it look like all three are resting on the same river bank, rather, I just wanted to have them blend in. The class has been pretty fun, and I've learned a ton. It got to be pretty tedious at times, but I really enjoyed the final project.

The Columbus zoo has a great collection of turtles in its reptile building, including several tanks of rare southern U.S. map turtles.



  1. Piling up turtles while you wait for baby? I hope you have a stuffed turtle ready :-) I actually crocheted one for our son! I would say that you blended them very well in the photo! I thought it was a real turtle stack like I see at the wetlands, until I read what you wrote. Looks like a good class and that you should get an "A"!

  2. I think it looks like they are all on the same bank too!