Sunday, February 08, 2009

Early Salamander Run?

I'm just looking at the forcast for the next few days, and I'm guessing that the warm temperatures and rain might trigger some of the early breeding salamanders, especially Jefferson Salamanders, to make their march to vernal pools. The countdown to spring has begun. I'd also be interested to know if anyone further south has started seeing the ambystomatids emerge.

Partly Cloudy
43° F | 25° F

Partly Cloudy
52° F | 43° F

Chance of Rain
58° F | 47° F

Rain Showers
54° F | 38° F

Chance of Snow
40° F | 23° F


  1. We will go on hunt this week for them! I hope we find girls would love it!
    Did you see my post about the Red Spotted Purple caterpillar in my orchard? Here's the link:
    We were overjoyed!

  2. Get your Salamandering in now, once the baby is here your salamander time will be cut in half!

  3. Tom: This is neat info.
    Thanks for the flower ID.
    You have to be getting really excited with the count down to 19 days.

  4. 19 days to go? I think something better then salamanders will soon occupy your time :-) I wouldn't know where to look for salamanders.

  5. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a salamander in the wild. We have anoles & skinks & things here, but I definitely haven't seen any salamanders since moving here almost 6 yrs ago now.

  6. Nothing yet in Maryland Tom. Vernal pools are still thawing from our recent cold snap. Been waiting for the wood frogs to start calling, but no dice yet.