Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Very Most Happy Wedding

This evening, nature takes a back seat so that I can share a little bit of our day with family and friends.

When I first met Megan, I wanted to meet her friends. To see who she chose to hang out with. Well, she had just completed her advanced practice nursing degree, so most of her friends had moved on to other parts of the country to begin their healthcare practice. One friend I did get to meet, and talk with at length, was Jessica. I knew right away that Jessica cared for Megan greatly. She completely grilled me, wanting to make sure I was who I was saying I was--making sure that I was the right one for her friend (and being a psych nurse practitioner student she really knew how to ask people questions!) I liked talking with Jessica and Megan. It was good to know that Megan had great friends that really showed an interest in who she was dating. But at times, we weren't sure that Jessica would be able to find the same thing that Megan and I have.

Megan has been a great friend to Jessica, through many amazingly gut-wrenching, tear your-heart-out, cry-for-hours sort of times. Megan's dedication to her friendship with Jessica is amazing. About a year ago, Jessica met Aaron, and today, they were married. We are both amazingly happy for both of them and wish them a wonderful life together.

Today was a day for Aaron and Jessica. Congratulations.

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  1. Congratulations! Here's to wishing them a long and happy life together!