Tuesday, December 04, 2007


My friend and former co-worker Laura Wutz sent along this fantastic shot of a Cooper's hawk from her yard in Hudson, Ohio. Hudson is in my old neck of the woods, just north of where I went to High School in Stow Ohio. Both towns are sandwiched in the megalopolis between Cleveland and Akron. Megan and I visited my parents this past weekend, and although there might not be as much traffic as Columbus, it is much harder to drive a few miles and get out of the city like here in Columbus. Columbus is growing, but the urban sprawl outward from those two cities is pretty great.

Anyways, back to the Hawk. Another co-worker brought in her digital camera, and she had photographed yet another cooper's hawk in her backyard. Was this a coincidence? Are the bird-eating cooper's hawks congregating around bird feeders to catch an easy, sunflower-fed (as opposed to corn-fed!) meal?


  1. Hi, Tom! It's nice to know you're out there, reading and appreciating Ohio natural history. Nice blog!
    This looks more like an immature red-shouldered hawk to me--the blobby, not linear streaks, chunky shape, brownish eye color all point to RSHA. Cooper's have finer, straighter streaks, without dots on the upper breast, a yellow eye at this age, and a more stretched out profile. Hope you agree.And now, you've had a Science Chimp attack. Eee! Eee!Eee!

  2. Thanks Julie! When I typed the title of the post, I wasn't confident (simply "hawk"), but later on, cooper's hawk crept in based on some photos I looked at on the internet that were probably way off.