Thursday, December 13, 2007

Over the weekend, I registered with This site allows you to register your own domain names cheaply and quickly. It cost me $10 a year to register my name. I'm glad I got it before the Canadian realtor that goes by the same name gobbled it up. I'd recommend other people check out getting there very own domain name. now points here. You can still reach the blog using as well.

It looks like Columbus and the rest of the northeast will be in for some snow this Saturday. The forecasters here in town are starting to get just a bit excited. We'll see what happens, but I doubt we get more than six inches. We just don't have real winters here in Columbus, nothing like those in Maine, where Megan and I will be heading back again for New Year's.

Well hunker down, the snow machine is coming.



  1. Good on ya! I always planned to get a domain from my own name, but it seems most of them are already taken! My name is fairly common.


    David Webb
    David's Nature Photography Gallery

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