Friday, December 21, 2007

Bird Cam Day #3

Today, I added a suet feeder to the mix, but it doesn't look like any birds gave it a try. A few more cardinals have been frequenting the feeder. Megan and I will be traveling tomorrow to northeast Ohio to be with my parents and brother for Christmas. On Friday, we'll be flying to New Hampshire and then driving to Maine to ring in the new year. Happy Holidays.


  1. Hi Hiram:

    Thanks for making us a part of your neighborhood.

    Looks like we are birds of a feather ... if you'll pardon the pun! :)

    As a photographer I find bird's quite vexing! Plants so much more co-operative!

    On my site I have a category called Flora & Fauna with several galleries that you might enjoy. If you do look and find items improperly identified please let me know. There are many that aren't labeled at all, for lack of knowledge. PLEASE let me know if you spot some.

    Nice blog!

    Kinsey Barnard

  2. Your bird cam is just the coolest! I'm really enjoying waiting for a birdie to land.
    Do you have an easy link to the cam on the side-bar somewhere? I keep linking to it through your post a few ago.

  3. Kinsey,

    I'll be sure to take a look at your galleries. Thanks for stopping by. Bird photography is quite fun, If I'm close to the birds. Luckily, I have plenty of strategically placed feeders near our house.


  4. Chris,

    I've put up a link to the cam, just under my profile and introductory information. I'm glad you enjoy watching. The birds caught on to the suet today, and I had quite a few visits from a beautiful male downy woodpecker. Happy birdwatching,