Saturday, May 19, 2007

Slate Run Metropark

Birds, pigs, wetlands, what more could Tom and Megan want!

Today, Megan and I went to Slate Run Metropark in Pickaway County, just south of Columbus. I must say, what a park. We hiked about 6 miles through created wetlands, prairie, beech-maple forest, oak forest, and even stopped by a historical farm made to look like 1880. I would recommend anyone from Columbus make to trip south. Here are some photos of our experience. Also, after you are done watching the slide show, continue to the embedded video. A mother pig and her piglets put on quite a show for us!

Tom & Megan


  1. What a cool blog tommy- I like in the previous post how you are conscious of hyper-individualism and note that this is just your nature journal- what an awesome journal it is!

    Those piggies were cool today. Our 7 mile hike was a lot of fun- great variety from "wetland" to grassland to wooded area and farm. this place had it all!

  2. Great pictures and awesome piglet video!